Mother's Union & Women Guild Mother's Union & Women Guild

The Anglican Cathedral Church (ACCR) Mothers’ Union is a branch of the Mothers’ Union organization in the Anglican Communion Worldwide. We work on diocesan guidelines with the approval of the Diocesan Bishop; led by the Diocesan President, Mama Abike Fagbamiye (Mama ADOTT) and assisted by the clergy wives. The members are consists of all women that are legally married in the church.

It is an organization formed towards the advancement of Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life. The purpose is for the members to focus and be primarily concerned with all that strengthens and preserve marriage and Christian family life. Meeting Times: Every 2 nd Sunday after service.

President: Mama Abike Fagbamiye
Chaplain: The Ven. Dr. Akinbola

8350 Ditch Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260
Anglican Cathedral Church of the Resurrection